Deer Hill 1012s Substation EPC

Location: Edson, Alberta

Date of completion: 2016

Customer: AltaLink Management LP

Voltage: 138/25kV

Scope: Greenfield EPC

Located 30 km northwest of Edson in Yellowhead County, the Deer Hill substation was built to connect 138 kV transmission lines to the existing 854L transmission line.

Rising Edge provided the full-EPC service for this 138kV/25kV greenfield substation, complete with eight (8) modular skids that included 138kV Breakers, 138/25kV Transformer, 76m Telecom tower with radio, and 50m of new 138kV transmission line. Rising Edge also completed P&C and SCADA services and supported the upgrades on the brownfield substations connecting to the new build.