Bahamas Clifton Pier Power Station

Location: Clifton Pier, New Providence, Bahamas

Date of completion: 2021

Customer: Bahamas Power and Light

Voltage: 13.8kV/33kV/132kV

Scope: Brownfield P&C upgrade, generation expansion addition

At the Clifton Pier site on New Providence Island, Rising Edge was responsible for tying the new generation into the existing system.

The Rising Edge scope included upgrading protection in three (3) cells to protect the new transformers (which consisted of replacing three cell doors with new protection packages at two separate substations), upgrading new DC battery systems in both buildings (which consisted of battery banks, chargers, and distributions), and upgraded SCADA equipment for the new protections to communicate with the control center. Our crews also terminated and tested the high voltage cables from the step-up transformer to the switchgears as well as procured, constructed, and commissioned fiber communication circuits between the generation station and the substations.