SA3 Upgrade

Orange County, California

Date of Completion: 2019

Voltage: 16kV/66kV

Scope: Brownfield Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning

To meet increasing requirements for the transmission and distribution system controls, each of the Moulton, Washington, Atwood, and La Mirada sites required upgrading to a new automation platform – all within a 12-month time frame. Rising Edge was responsible for dropping in a MEER building complete with foundation and associated cable trays; replacing all control and AC/DC cable; and, installing, testing, and commissioning new relays for 5 x 66kv lines, 2 x 66/16kv transformer banks, 10 x 16kv feeders, and 2 x 16kv capacitor banks. As part of this requirement, a new PLC and HMI was installed and tested by Rising Edge. Cutovers from the old controls to new controls were coordinated and executed by Rising Edge.